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The TBG 200 humane-slaughter stunning device complies with EC Regulation No. 1099/2009 of 24/09/2009 and/or the national implementing provision for the animal protection slaughter regulation of 01/01/2013, as well as the current VDE (German association of electricians) regulations.


The TBG 200 represents quality “Made in Germany” and stands out due to its simple and safe handling. High-quality components and innovative technology ensure a long service life and high meat quality. The device can also be used for

emergency killing in the event of epidemic outbreaks.



TBG200 - Electric Stunner & Data Logger

We can provide all spare parts for electric stunning equipment for major manufactures, such as; Haas, Schermer, Rothmann and Freund.


If you require tongs, replacement contacts or other spare parts for your exisiting electric stunner system contact us today to find out best prices available for your requirements.  

Electric Stunner Spare Parts and Stunning Tongs

Rothmann Tongs Electric Stunner & Data Recorder -Haas TBG200

TBG 200

Electric Stunner & Data Logger

TBG 200 - Electric Stunner with Built in Data Logger

- Rapid current increase in the 1st second to max. 2.3 A

- Visual and audible signal for minimum stunning time not reached

- Visual and audible signal of minimum stunning time reached

- Visual and audible signal for minimum current 1.3 A (for pigs) or 1.0 A (for sheep) not reached within the 1st second and/or not maintained throughout stunning time

- Integrated displays with voltage, current and frequency (V/A/Hz)

- Combined brain-heart stunning possible

- 3 stunning programmes for different animal species/sizes and operating modes


- Plastic casing or optional stainless steel casing

- Electronic high frequency with optimised stunning parameters for high meat quality

- Powerful 2.3 A transformer

- Integrated data recorder for monitoring parameters relevant to animal welfare: current strength (A), voltage (V), frequency (Hz) and minimum stunning time (sec.)

- USB stick for data logging/transfer

- Stainless steel stunning tongs with coiled cabel, special handles and copper

electrodes with centre spike for secure contact.


Data analysis software:

- The stunning parameters are analysed in the form of daily or monthly statistics showing date, time and various faults

- Individual animal data displayed as a graph, scale or table leaf.


Technical Data

- Dimensions: 400 x 225 x 300 mm

- Weight approx. 21 kg with wall mounting platee

- Protection class: II

- IP protection class: 65

- Mains connection: 230 V 50 Hz

- Slaughtering capacity: approx. 120 pigs/sheep per hour

- Current strength: 2.3 A

- Voltage: 250 V - 380 V

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